Storm Glass Weather Station with LED Base – Lighted Home Decor in Shape of Water Drop , Multi-Color Options


TIMELESS MASTERPIECE – Storm glass weather predictors are a 19th century invention used by sailors to decide whether to sail or not. Bring a little piece of history into your space.

ELEGANT & UNIQUE ORNAMENT – Made of transparent glass situated on a fine-grained wooden block, this weather glass predictor imitates the movement of water and is designed to fit with any decor.

SECURE & STEADY – The finely crafted wood base isn’t just for aesthetic purposes. It is perfectly contoured and engineered to firmly stabilize the storm glass on any table, desk or shelf.

LIGHTS UP THE ROOM – An array of colorful LED lights illuminate this weather predicting storm glass from below. Cast a glow of ambient light on an otherwise plain desk, table, or dark room!

GREAT CONVERSATION PIECE – Filled with a chemical solution that changes form based on the temperature and weather. The dance of crystals and liquids draws curious minds like moths to a flame.

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