Indoor Plant Light with Red and Blue 20W LED Light Bulbs – Grow Light with Timer for Indoor Plants, (Two Adjustable Heads)


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FULL SPECTRUM CARE – Our full spectrum LED grow light uses red and blue lights–a necessity for plant growth. The plant lamp has 3 combinations: red light, blue light, and red and blue light.

ADJUSTABLE INTENSITY – Features dimmable brightness for all 2 lights. You can use our light with any plant, whether they’re sensitive with dim light needs, or plants that need a lot of light.

FLEXIBLE RANGE – Triple lights are attached onto gooseneck arms that rotate 360° degrees. Our LED grow light is also built with a metal clip that easily mounts onto the edge of desks or tables.

LONG-LASTING – LED lights are best known for their longevity, and are a cut above CFL, fluorescent, or halogen lights. Each plant grow light has an average lifespan of 50,000 hours.

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